celebration fashion 11/06/11

10 years ago I went to Switzerland with my school’s choir to participate in concert of conteporary music peace written by a Swiss composer and to sing in graduation ball of our partner school in Basel. So far so good, Basel was beautiful, we – kids from former Soviet country were impressed by number of Porche and other posh cars and weather was good. Moment when I start to question myself was at a graduation ceremony where we, all dressed up as one (we had special uniform for performing) happy to greet young people leaving school for life of grown ups, were desperately seeking those young people in question. Where are they, we are alrady singing but they havent arrived?

In fact, they were there but something so famous and even inevitable in Latvia was not present so we could not tell them from the crowd – they were not dressed up. Everyone was dressed the same, as you would see on the street. In Latvia graduation, no matter which – kindergarden, primary school, high school, university, is a big event with dresses, suits and hair done. In our family we used to dress up for birthdays, Christmas, New Year, when going to theatre or opera. It was a way to distinguish regular day from a special day . Yesterday I read a survey which said that 1o% of young men in Latvia will wear jeans to graduation ceremony. Its not exactly revolutionary but quite rebell in the spirit. Girls for sure will not miss a moment to put a nice long dress or cocktail dress. I will not even mention my long black dress for graduation of primary school and this peace of red haute couture dress for graduation of high school, well, I just did. To make a difference for graduation of university I didnt dress up at all, it was not important anymore.

I have impression that in Paris (cause I can say only about this city in France) people dress up only for weddings and for posh parties (some people are dressed up all the time but its not the general line). So when I wear my ‘normal’ dress I used to go to work in Riga, Im considered as dressed up and when I weared my ‘nice’ dress for a friends wedding I was almost accused of trying to look more beautiful than a bride. For the rest I am perfectly fine, all my regular Riga clothes are valid in Paris.


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