Cheaper not to know 08/07/11

You want to quit smoking? We can help you! Just call us. Only problem that it might be cheaper to continue smoking than to call to know how to quit. You want to solve issues related to social security? Call us, it’s just 0,10 € a minute, but most likely all the operators will be so busy that before getting anyone on-line you will pay a fortune. You want something from your bank? Just call. Well, you got the point.

This is something that I can’t understand why in France to contact institutions you have to pay. From my point of you anti-smoking campaigns should be funded by health ministry, call to social security must be for free as its state institution and people pay taxes to keep it running. And banks in France just grab all they can think of from their clients. Havent we payed enough already to be able to contact services for free?

As long as I remember in Latvia paying are info lines and sex on the phone. Basta!


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