To be cool or not to be cool 09|09|11

It is early morning, we fasten our seatbelts and plane takes off for a 13 hour flight. It is going to be long, we are going to eat two times, have a snack five times, try to sleep hundred times and hundred times we will wake up to realise it is still six or five hours to go. It’s a flight from Paris and flight attendants look a bit tense. Maybe I can guess why, its french flying. One hour after plane has taken its altitude, passengers are trying to get comfortable and find something to read, we hear a savage ‘heiho’ from someone sitting just in front of us. At first I thought he is communicating with a friend but after second savage scream and a hand waving high above him, I realise he is trying to get attention of a flight attendant. People, have you heard about service button just above your heads? Well, in the end the aim of this performance was to know the exact time in destination. Sure, important to know 12 hours before arriving.

We went to China, and we met french people and you know what, they were nice. But today, five days after our arrival in Paris, someone shouted at us from his car because we didn’t move as quick as he would like, someone almost crashed into us on the road. Someone just can’t get relaxed and happy. Can anyone explain me whats up with them and is it really worth doing? Because I know there are plenty of nice french out there, so I conclude – its possible.

And nevertheless, being back in Paris is nice, because food is good, because meat comes in one big peace and not twenty slices, because music is good and people dress nicely, there are plenty of things to do and to see, and Paris is still magic.


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