It was first week when I arrived in Paris, me and my boyfriend went to a busy restaurant in Oberkampf. As a matter of fact, to precise the place is not so important because it could be any other location or restaurant. What I noticed also later, tables in restaurants are very close to each other. People speak, laugh and eat side by side. At first I was really uncomfortable with that as in Riga there is more or less significant distance between tables which allows space for light and fresh air to come in and also safeguards some privacy for chatting.

In Paris I had a phobia for some time until I got used to people being close, until I managed to speak without thinking that other people are listening, and even if they are. There is just one thing I can’t manage so well as a Frenchmen trained since childhood – it is to speak loud enough to be heard by a person sitting in front of me. Depending on intensity of people in the place, I have to adjust my voice from mode ‘speaking’  to ‘shouting’ and keep a glass of water in short distance for my dry, exhausted throat.

One Response to “LET’S TALK SOMEWHERE ELSE 17|09|11”
  1. merci Diana pour ces petites réflexions sur mon pays que je découvre à travers tes commentaires. Beaucoup d’humour, c’est agréable à lire.

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