Reasons why living in Paris is great 07|11|11

Some people, when they live in a small city, want to go to bigger one, when they are in this big city, they want to go to big city of another country. This is understandable.  But then there are some people who live in Paris and who want to move to New York because there is nothing happening in Paris. Isn’t it crazy? There are some people who never have enough.

Me,  I come from a big city in a small country, which applied to measures of France means capital of department, but in China it would be a lost village.  Still, I know that things are happening there, so applied to measures of Riga, there are tons and tons of things happening in Paris. Maybe this phenomena of  ‘not enough‘  is linked with phenomena that ‘grass is always greener on the other side’.
Statistics, I don’t remember from where, says that every day there are 500 different events happening in Paris, I believe the only thing to complain about is not ‘ there is nothing to do’ but ‘it is not possible to choose‘ or even worse ‘it is not possible to see it all’, which is maybe not so bad because I don’t believe everything out of 500 events is worth seeing.
You wonder what on earth provoked thoughts on this subject? Theater. Something that is completely not linked to my job or activities, though i like theater a lot. And if I would be an actress,  I would be definitely happy to be in Paris and to have a masterclass with Kristin Scott Thomas. I mean, isn’t it beautiful? 
And there are so many more examples why Paris is exceptional, even a cup of coffee at any time of the day only makes you go out and get it just around the corner.
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  1. gunta says:

    🙂 you know (or are allowed to imagine whatever you want) what I mean

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