i’ll write you a check 14|11|11

Sometimes when people say things that are not usual to me, I take them as a joke or a metaphor. This happened to cheque. Check as a concept was known to me since long time through american films but we didn’t have them in Latvia. People in films used to write checks to pay their bills or to lend or give as a gift money to someone. They said in a way of saving the world “ok, let me write you a check”.

Still, when I heard for the first time that I will have to pay something with a check, I was like ‘ are you kidding me’? First of all, check is something that happens in american films, second, check is something so not up-to-date. No, it was France, it was 2009 and I had to get myself a checkbook to be able to survive. To get my first pre-payed phone card, to pay for medical analysis sent by post (oh, well, this is another crazy story), to pay an embassy service, to pay a bill, for all of this I needed to write a check. I used to get my salary with check, which means a poor accountant writing as many checks as total number of  employees every month, instead of using predefined internet bank transfer.

Even though I consider this old school, I have to admit there is something special about writing  a check. Taking a pen, filling the blanks, signing – it makes me feel so generous as I write away my money. And it is like childhood dream come true to do as in films.


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