breakfast vs. breakfast |11/10/12

Cheese toast, porridge, toast with sardine, egg and cucumber, omelette, toast with ham, boiled egg, sausage…just to give you an idea about typical Latvian breakfast. Croissant, croissant with jam, pain au chocolat, tartine with butter and jam – and this is so French.

It is not for the first time that I am confronted with different breakfast traditions.  In Norway it was sweet, English breakfast doesn’t even need to be explained, it’s eggs, sausages and bacon, beans on demand; Asia is another planet with soup for breakfast, and Latvia has salty breakfast traditions. Which might be a trouble when hosting French people who prefer toast and jam for breakfast when the only thing at home is ham.

To develop more this topic – in France balanced meal is important.  Muesli packs, yoghurt pots and TV commercials contain information about balanced meal – breakfast should consist of fresh orange juice, one fruit, toast with jam and yoghurt, tea or coffee for adults. Which is perfectly fine, and balanced, and good for health. For lunch you should have one fruit and yoghurt, too.

And it is so cute to see my colleagues packing out their one fruit and one yoghurt after finishing their meal. Girls mostly. Maybe it is their secret of being in good shape.

Bon appetit!


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