It was first week when I arrived in Paris, me and my boyfriend went to a busy restaurant in Oberkampf. As a matter of fact, to precise the place is not so important because it could be any other location or restaurant. What I noticed also later, tables in restaurants are very close to each … Continue reading

rent a cat for a week 20|02|11

Someone told me that in Paris there are thirty mice per person. Last autumn brought me one. She arrived in our house around the same time when we saw film Ratatouille. Film was so cute that at first I decided to give our mouse a chance, most of all a chance to prove herself in the … Continue reading

velo love 12|10|10

Recently I move around the city on a bike. I’m far from being a perfect Parisian driver but can manage from A to B. I liked the idea of biking in Paris but I was really afraid of traffic. But as Paris puts strong emphasis on being a bicycle friendly city there are many dedicated … Continue reading

comment ils sont, les parisiens? 3|10|10

Often Parisians ask me what I think about Parisians. And in fact I know why, they want to hear what everyone else would say and in fact what they want to hear – always not happy, complaining, not nice, not friendly. But no, it’s not first thing that comes to my mind when I am … Continue reading