little pleasures of language 08|10|11

Before I even could imagine that one day I will actually go to France, not to mention even to move to France, I started to learn French with couple of colleagues of mine. For pure pleasure of learning, and French sounds so nice after all. After half a year of studies, I imagined to be able to … Continue reading


It was first week when I arrived in Paris, me and my boyfriend went to a busy restaurant in Oberkampf. As a matter of fact, to precise the place is not so important because it could be any other location or restaurant. What I noticed also later, tables in restaurants are very close to each … Continue reading

Noise 21|12|10

I wonder if this has been around every time in history. Too much information, colours and music, too much news, in fact too much noise. I was looking at flyer stand and there was not even one that stood out. It’s mainstream, it’s a la mode and it is noise. Couple of weeks ago I noticed … Continue reading

this week next week about the same time 1|12|10

Not even mentioning that in French one sound can mean 5 different words, that every word has a gender and according to that it is necessary to adjust article and short..not easy. Then there are many expressions which don’t seem to make any (ok, lets say – not so much) sense – like my … Continue reading

value 1|10|10

Living in Paris there are many things that I appreciate  – metro, Velib, Paris plages, Paris itself, many more and now to my list I add library. Took a walk in my district and found the most superb library I have ever seen in my life – Médiathèque Marguerite Duras. For me it is what I … Continue reading

Different 12|09|10

Smoking forbiden. Passage closed. No ice-cream/rollerblade allowed in the shop. No credit card accepted. No this, no that, one statement to another..yes, yes…we all know that. And then while you wander around in countryside and all that you see and expect is – ‘Attention – mad dog’ or ‘Beware – house under surveillance by army … Continue reading

Sometimes 10|09|10

sometimes it is worth paying more or just not doing at all. Since I live with photographer who also loves to speak and explain me things about photos, I have got more detailed eye for this subject. So, on my last flight from Charleroi in Belgium I noticed a photo exhibition next to my gate. … Continue reading