celebration fashion 11/06/11

10 years ago I went to Switzerland with my school’s choir to participate in concert of conteporary music peace written by a Swiss composer and to sing in graduation ball of our partner school in Basel. So far so good, Basel was beautiful, we – kids from former Soviet country were impressed by number of … Continue reading

classic, boring or afraid? 21|09|10

One thing that puzzle me is why Paris is so afraid of colours? I mean, people look nice here – class, elegant, fashionable but…and the big but is – the same. Black, grey, blue, white, beige. Classic is always good, everyone needs black shoes in the wardrobe. I do. I really like the way parisian … Continue reading

symbols 15|09|10

Symbols and attributes are used to influence visible part of judgement. And visible part is so easy to play with. People like things that please the eye – landscape, film, people, shoes, bags… I guess that is why so many people are obsessed with fashion – it is a way to send certain signal to … Continue reading