breakfast vs. breakfast |11/10/12

Cheese toast, porridge, toast with sardine, egg and cucumber, omelette, toast with ham, boiled egg, sausage…just to give you an idea about typical Latvian breakfast. Croissant, croissant with jam, pain au chocolat, tartine with butter and jam – and this is so French. Advertisements

Paris – Deauville 17|11|10

People say that Paris and Deauville are like part of one thing. Parisians go there for holidays; there are beach, sand, sea food and it’s posh. There is even cafe on the main square named Paris, of course. But in fact I don’t know much about that. What I know is that Deauville is where … Continue reading

cheese 27|10|10

smile, it’s cheese! Before France there were 3 cheese in my life – camabert, holland cheese and russia cheese ( two last are  widly popular in Latvia). Now when I am in France, there are hundrends of them. And with some exceptions like blue, I am huge fan of all of them. And if you … Continue reading

when to eat 6|10|10

There are some nations that are very meal orientated. For sure I know – Italians and French. Meal in France has its proper hour, its components and remarkable time limit. It is about respecting what you eat, how you eat and even digestion is a question that pops up in conversation. So, as you can … Continue reading

Quiche as I mean it 17|09|10

I amazed myself by cooking the best quiche ever. I mean all quiches I have made before were super but this one is the turning point – I finaly found the best recipe. 1 pastry (sometimes i make myself but its easier to by ready made) 1 onion, 1 tomato, 8 cherry tomatoes, lardons fumes … Continue reading