French and Latvian soirée 01|02|2012

Mentality, character, weather, education  – I am not quite sure which of these is responsible for party traditions. But one thing is clear, Latvians and French don’t party the same way. If I would offer a film evening, it wouldn’t cause any problems for my Latvian friends. Quite recently half of the nation was gathered around TVs with their … Continue reading

Reasons why living in Paris is great 07|11|11

Some people, when they live in a small city, want to go to bigger one, when they are in this big city, they want to go to big city of another country. This is understandable.  But then there are some people who live in Paris and who want to move to New York because there is … Continue reading


It was first week when I arrived in Paris, me and my boyfriend went to a busy restaurant in Oberkampf. As a matter of fact, to precise the place is not so important because it could be any other location or restaurant. What I noticed also later, tables in restaurants are very close to each … Continue reading

To be cool or not to be cool 09|09|11

It is early morning, we fasten our seatbelts and plane takes off for a 13 hour flight. It is going to be long, we are going to eat two times, have a snack five times, try to sleep hundred times and hundred times we will wake up to realise it is still six or five … Continue reading

Hello in French

Saying “hello” to friends in French consists of two parts – first is exchange of ‘ça va?’, ‘ca va!’, sort of ‘how do you do’. And second part is kissing on cheeks. First week when I arrived in Paris and was forced to face this custom was quite violent. Imagine people you don’t know approaching … Continue reading