Hello in French

Saying “hello” to friends in French consists of two parts – first is exchange of ‘ça va?’, ‘ca va!’, sort of ‘how do you do’. And second part is kissing on cheeks. First week when I arrived in Paris and was forced to face this custom was quite violent. Imagine people you don’t know approaching … Continue reading

rent a cat for a week 20|02|11

Someone told me that in Paris there are thirty mice per person. Last autumn brought me one. She arrived in our house around the same time when we saw film Ratatouille. Film was so cute that at first I decided to give our mouse a chance, most of all a chance to prove herself in the … Continue reading

Noise 21|12|10

I wonder if this has been around every time in history. Too much information, colours and music, too much news, in fact too much noise. I was looking at flyer stand and there was not even one that stood out. It’s mainstream, it’s a la mode and it is noise. Couple of weeks ago I noticed … Continue reading

this week next week about the same time 1|12|10

Not even mentioning that in French one sound can mean 5 different words, that every word has a gender and according to that it is necessary to adjust article and adjective..well..in short..not easy. Then there are many expressions which don’t seem to make any (ok, lets say – not so much) sense – like my … Continue reading

photo paris photo paris 21|11|10

This weekend I went to two photo exhibitions – Paris photo and Photo off. Sure exhibitions, in fact photos themselves are meant to please the eye. Photo is subjective and in one second we make a judgement for ourselves – nice, horrible, what a hell, great, I want this at home etc. For a simple … Continue reading

Paris – Deauville 17|11|10

People say that Paris and Deauville are like part of one thing. Parisians go there for holidays; there are beach, sand, sea food and it’s posh. There is even cafe on the main square named Paris, of course. But in fact I don’t know much about that. What I know is that Deauville is where … Continue reading

cheese 27|10|10

smile, it’s cheese! Before France there were 3 cheese in my life – camabert, holland cheese and russia cheese ( two last are  widly popular in Latvia). Now when I am in France, there are hundrends of them. And with some exceptions like blue, I am huge fan of all of them. And if you … Continue reading

velo love 12|10|10

Recently I move around the city on a bike. I’m far from being a perfect Parisian driver but can manage from A to B. I liked the idea of biking in Paris but I was really afraid of traffic. But as Paris puts strong emphasis on being a bicycle friendly city there are many dedicated … Continue reading

when to eat 6|10|10

There are some nations that are very meal orientated. For sure I know – Italians and French. Meal in France has its proper hour, its components and remarkable time limit. It is about respecting what you eat, how you eat and even digestion is a question that pops up in conversation. So, as you can … Continue reading

comment ils sont, les parisiens? 3|10|10

Often Parisians ask me what I think about Parisians. And in fact I know why, they want to hear what everyone else would say and in fact what they want to hear – always not happy, complaining, not nice, not friendly. But no, it’s not first thing that comes to my mind when I am … Continue reading